✒️ The Writers.


Mackenzie Roberts is a recent graduate from Columbia University with a masters in Film Studies. She spent the last few years working on documentaries and doing historical research in film history. Her documentary Overgrown Kingdom was accepted into five different film festivals and aired on PBS-KVRC. Mackenzie wastes most of her time consuming every book around her and watching television until her eyes turn red. Currently she is obsessed with Silicon Valley (specifically Erlich Bachman) and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. When she is not reading or watching television, her rainbow hair can be found in a bagel shop. You can find more of her film work here.



Nikki Elizabeth is a 23 year old who holds a Bachelors of Arts in English Writing, and a member of Sigma Tau Delta: The International Honor Society of English. It’s quite obvious that writing is her passion. She is a complete bibliophile who loves the smell of new books, the feel of old ones, & handwritten messages hidden between the pages of those old books. She survives off of iced coffees & 8tracks playlists. Nikki is completely enamored with the smell and fashion of autumn & spring, and the taste of British chocolate. A diehard Anglophile, Nikki captivated by the history of the Tudor and Victorian era. She is a Ravenclaw & credits J.K. Rowling, amongst others, as her inspiration to become a writer. You could read more of her writing here.


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